Social Media for Every Business

Social Media for Every Business is important for big and small businesses alike. It should be a concentrated effort to succeed in its use. A few of the big businesses that Forbes Magazine report as using social media marketing successfully are listed in this article.

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Big Businesses Successfully Using Social Media

  • Mayhem: Inspired by its commercials, All State set up a Twitter account for “Mayhem”. These are life events you just can’t seem to avoid.

    Not only does the account provide entertaining content, it also responds to users, like when it sent users Valentine’s Day candy hearts.

  • Pizza Hut isn’t afraid to use its Twitter account to get a little bit weird. The funny account retweets users, posts jokes and humanizes the brand. Sample tweet: “Bye week. Hi pizza.”

  • Zappos does a great job of engaging with its audience on social media.

    On Facebook, for instance, Zappos wants its audience to join them in “like-like” relationships. Liking them on Facebook means you get access to exclusive content.

Social Media Examiner reported how social media marketing was effectively employed by small business with these following examples:

  • Steve Kloyda founded The Prospecting Expert, a business-to-business consulting firm that helps salespeople with their prospecting skills. He developed a powerful social presence through the use of video and podcasts. One thing Steve understands is branding. Through the use of his photo and logo, he has created a consistent look and feel across all of his social channels.

    One ninja trick executed by Steve is the creation of an iPhone app for distributing his content. While it could cost from hundreds to several thousands of dollars, the marketing benefit of having your content delivered straight to your users’ mobile devices could be invaluable.

  • Coconut Bliss is an organic dessert company based in Eugene, Oregon. Their products have become widely popular due to their social media practices. Technorati discovered in their 2011 State of the Blogosphere report that bloggers use photos more than any other type of media (80% use photos, around 50% use videos and many fewer for all other formats). Coconut Bliss makes an effective use of fun and friendly pictures to show customers eating their dessert products.

    Coconut Bliss makes an effective use of promotions to engage their fans. In a previous year’s Veggie Awards, they were able to partner with VegNews to offer a unique prize to Coconut Bliss fans while also getting partnership in a much larger promotion to all readers of VegNews. Two smart strategies: contests and partnerships.

  • Ana White is a carpenter billing herself as a “homemaker” who has a website to empower women to do carpentry projects. With over 51,000 Facebook fans, Ana has created a massive following among women (and quite a few men) who love her easy-to-follow blueprints for do-it-yourself furniture projects.

    Since late 2009, Ana has been publishing free how-to guides for furniture. She also asks her fans to post pictures of their success stories—the very thing people love to do (talk about themselves). As a result, she has a very popular site where most of the posting comes from fans. Very smart!

    Ana has also created a very engaged community on her Facebook page that complements, but is distinct from, her blog. Remarkably, she doesn’t post that often—she doesn’t have to. While she comments on at least half of the posts, her fans are busy posting and answering questions for each other.

What You Should Do!

Obviously big and small businesses stay connected with their customer with social media and work at turning their customers into fans. The above businesses utilize consistent practices to engage and provide interesting content to their followers. Some of the reoccurring ideas found across successful social media platforms are the following:

  1. Keep branding consistently across all social platforms.
  2. Definitely utilized video, images and consider a podcast to deliver content.
  3. Use strategy in formulating contests for your pages.
  4. Consider how to form partnerships within your platforms.
  5. Don’t take yourself so seriously at this, have fun!

Please remember that it took some hard work and time to build your business. It also will be the same for your social media platforms.  With the proper patience and planning you too can have an awesome social media platform as the above 6 business have managed to accomplish.

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