Why Should You Request SEO Audit?

The reason to Request SEO Audit is to gauge the “health” of  your website – mostly onsite factors. Just like a person whose body is in poor health, the “body” of a website won’t perform adequately if it’s health is deteriorating because of hidden factors. Your website needs a comprehensive physical on a regular basis to check for performance issues. The audit will provide a full analysis to help determine the search visibility of your website. The main purpose is to detect any issues that might be negatively affecting the amount of traffic coming to your website. For a comprehensive overview of SEO, visit our Search Engine Optimization page.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS:  We highly recommend you DON’T START OUT with a full blown SEO package. request seo auditThink about it — how can someone quote you a price for a package when they don’t know what’s going on behind the scene and the amount of damage that needs to be repaired? It’s like calling a car repair shop and asking them for an estimate without them taking a physical look at your vehicle!!  Same thing. That’s why we believe and recommend you should start out by requesting an SEO audit to uncover on-page issues. That’s how we’ll discover how much damage needs to be fixed.

There are many so called free SEO audits being advertised by a lot of SEO companies. Per Econ 101, there is no such thing as a free lunch. One tactic is to offer a free SEO Audit BUT you can only audit ONE page on your website. It will show you the issues that need to be fixed. Since it’s for only one page on your site and you don’t understand the issues, you’re encouraged to contact the SEO online marketing company to fix the issues. At that point in time, they’ll offer to perform an SEO Audit on your ENTIRE website and then you’ll be charged for it!

A comprehensive audit of your website is going to cost money. There are no two ways about it. There are quite a few SEO audit tools available but they have a monthly fee. We pay a monthly fee for our SEO audit software. If you run the audit by yourself, will you understand the results? Even if you comprehend, do you know how to fix the issues?

To save yourself time and a lot of headaches, we encourage you to invest in and Request SEO Audit from a professional.

The Two Images Below are From Our SEO Auditing Software

The Onsite SEO Issues for This Client Decreased From 65 to Zero!!

request seo audit

The Technical Issues for This Client are Zero!!

request seo audit

In the 1st paragraph I mentioned you need to have your website audited regularly. DON’T FRET. We can put a schedule in place to have your website scanned automatically. After the initial audit, and after some or most the issues have been fixed, I recommend re-scanning your website semi-monthly for two or three months then drop it down to monthly. 

WHY should we scan your website on a frequent basis? That’s an easy question. The search engines (with Google being the leader) are constantly changing the algorithms on how they compute the search results. We need to keep abreast of any changes that might negatively affect your website’s organic traffic.  As history dictates, this happens all too frequently!

What Does an SEO Audit Include and Accomplish?

Now I’m going to get into the meat of the matter! Our SEO Audit software consists of four categories as depicted in the gold box below.

Not all SEO audits are created equally. As stated above there are four categories and each one has a set of sub-categories. The number of pages on the audit report will vary depending on the level of the audit, how many pages are on the website, how many issues are detected, etc. The number of pages can range from 20 – 200+. You don’t want your audit to have 200+ pages. That isn’t a good sign!!

We Have Three Levels of SEO Audit Packages


$139One Time Fee
  • 30 Minute Discovery Call – Yes
  • Site Audit – Yes (2 Categories)
  • Link Building Analysis – No
  • Social Analytics – No
  • Marketing Analytics – No
  • Keyword Analysis – No
  • Competitor Analysis – No
  • Executive Summary of Report – Yes
  • 30 Minute Follow Up Call – Yes


$179One Time Fee
  • 30 Minute Discovery Call – Yes
  • Site Audit – Yes (All 4 Categories)
  • Link Building Analysis – Yes
  • Social Analytics – Yes
  • Marketing Analytics – Yes
  • Keyword Analysis – Yes (25 Keywords)
  • Competitor Analysis -Yes (2 Competitors)
  • Executive Summary of Report – Yes
  • 30 Minute Follow Up Call – Yes


$199One Time Fee
  • 30 Minute Discovery Call – Yes
  • Site Audit – Yes (All 4 Categories)
  • Link Building Analysis – Yes
  • Social Analytics – Yes
  • Marketing Analytics – Yes
  • Keyword Analysis – Yes (45 Keywords)
  • Competitor Analysis – Yes (4 Competitors)
  • Executive Summary of Report – Yes
  • 30 Minute Follow Up Call – Yes

Request SEO Audit

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Details About the 3 Audit Levels and the Categories

BASIC AUDIT:  We’ll start out with a 30 minute discovery call to find out more about your business and why you’re seeking assistance for SEO. After that all you have to do is provide us your website’s URL. After the audit has been completed, we’ll provide the SEO Audit Report to you in PDF along with an executive summary. It will explain more in detail about the findings and provide recommendations. Also included in this audit is a 30 minute follow up call to discuss the report. We’re sure you’ll have questions since this is pretty technical stuff!

This audit includes the Site Audit category and two of the sub-categories (see gold box above). They’re as follows:

Technical Audit: It will determine broken links (internal link structure and outbound links). Broken links reduce your site quality and may negatively impact your site visitor’s experience. It will also check for 404 errors (pages not found). It’s frustrating when you click on a link and you receive an error message that the page can’t be found. You don’t want that to happen on your website.

SEO Analysis On-site Issues Overview: It will check on approximately 20 on-site SEO elements. That’s too many to list here but a few of them are as follows:

a. Title Tag (Name of Page):  Is there one? Is the length too short or too long? Is it unique? In the search engine result page, this is the first line and is the blue link you click on to visit the page. For example, this page you’re on right now will show up in the SERP as Request SEO Audit – SJWeaver Marketing Consulting.

See screenshot below for an example: Shorten Title Tag (Page Name).

Request SEO Audit Shorten Title Tag for Page Name

b. Description Tag (aka Meta Description):  Is there one? Is the length too short or too long? Is it Unique? In the SERP this is the summary of the page. Although not really considered on-site SEO, it helps with the click through rate.

See screenshot below for example: Shorten Meta Description.

Request SEO Audit Shorten Meta Description

c. Alt Attributes for Images (aka Alt Text):  Do all of your images have an SEO/Keyword appropriate title, alternative text and a description of the image? Search engines, visually impaired and blind visitors cannot see the image!! The alt text will inform them what the image is about (appropriate keyword for SEs) and what it looks like (for visually impaired). The SEs will give you “brownie points” for using alt text on your images.

See screenshot below for an example: Add Alt Attribute.

Request SEO Audit Add Alt Text to Image

d. H1 Tags: Does each page have one that includes the keyword phrase for that page? This is the heading you see on the beautiful image at the top of a page or the first heading within the body of the page. At the top of this page that you’re on right now you’ll see Request SEO Audit layered on top of the image. This is an H1 tag. Are you up to an assignment? At the top of this page (the header with the image), highlight Request SEO Audit, right click, click on Inspect then a box will appear. You’ll see that this is an H1 class heading. Every page needs an H1 heading AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.

INTERMEDIATE AUDIT: This audit is the same as the basic audit in addition to the following: 1) Provide up to 25 keywords you want analyzed; 2) Provide the URLs for two of your competitors; 3) It includes all four categories (see gold box above). For the Site Audit category, see the details in the Basic Audit above.

Link Building Category: This will provide details about your website’s back links and those of the competitors you gave to us. The details will include:

a. A list of domains linking to your website.

b. The actual page on the domain that is linking to the actual page on your website.

c. List of toxic back links. Toxic is a strong word. In regards to back links, you need QUALITY versus QUANTITY. A quality back link is one that comes from a website that is recognized by the search engines as being a reputable website versus being a spammy website. In the good ole days of buying a lot of back links to drastically increase organic SEO, that’s all that some websites provided – back links. Google ceased that practice back in the 2011-2012 time frame.

d. This section will provide insight to your competitors’ back links.

See screenshot below for an example: Sites Linking to Competitors’ Websites (Pages).

Request SEO Audit Sites Linking to Client's Competitors' Websites

Social Analytics Category:  It will provide your website’s social citations (engagement) and those of your competitors. The social media channels are Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

See screenshot below for example: Social Citations for Competitors.

Request SEO Audit Social Citations for Competitors

Marketing Analytics Category:  It focuses on rank tracking for the keywords you provided. It indicates how your competitors are ranking for the same keywords.

See screenshot below for example: Keyword Rankings Compared to Competitors.

Request SEO Audit Keyword Rankings Compared to Competitors

ADVANCED AUDIT: This audit is the same as the Intermediate Audit except for the number of keywords & competitors. You can provide up to 45 keywords you want analyzed and the URLs for four of your competitors. Please refer to the itemized details in the Intermediate Audit above since they are the same.

The website SEO audit will provide a great starting to point to enhance online visibility. It will detect issues that might be preventing the website performing as well as it could be. Some of them will be labeled as critical which is an indication that they need to be fixed ASAP. The audit will provide information on how to fix the issues! Some of them are quite simple in nature but others will require a developer because of coding.

After a business owner implements the suggestions, the visibility of their website should see a positive impact. This doesn’t happen overnight; the fixes will probably take several months before we’ll see an improvement.

In a nutshell, the ultimate and expected goal after you Request SEO Audit and fix most of the issues are the following:

  • You should see a noticeable increase in organic traffic to your website.
  • If your website is structured properly and provides the information visitors are expecting to see on the respective landing page, there should be an improvement in conversions.
  • Subsequently, there should be a growth in revenue.

How Long Does it Take to Run the SEO Audit and Deliver the Report?

After we receive the required information it will take up to 5 – 7 business days to run the audit and deliver it to the requester. Why so long? Well, we conduct research of the website including looking at it with the naked eye. We check the age of the domain, its ranking with Alexa, what the website is built with (eg: is it WordPress, does it have Google Analytics tracking code) and other miscellaneous information we can gather about it. The more we know the better we can serve a client.

Request SEO Audit

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