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WordPress Website Development

With the proper WordPress Website Development that incorporates SEO, your webpages will be liked by Google and the other leading search engines. Is your website informative and navigational-friendly? Are people staying on your website when they end up on one of your landing pages or is your bounce rate sky high?!? Visiting websites via mobile devices is going through the roof. Is your website mobile friendly?

Having a “pretty” website is only a fraction of the battle of using it to increase your customer lead base and generate more revenue. Generating traffic to your website via search engine optimization, social media channels and other marketing services is of utmost importance. Providing the most effective information is imperative. Guiding the visitors (both search engines and humans) from page to page cannot be overstated.

Take the time to review your website’s structure and traffic-generating factors and decide if it’s time to give it a thorough overhaul.

WordPress Website Development Experts

While we offer many marketing solutions and can create effective strategies for Social Media, SEO, PPC and marketing automation campaigns – having an outdated website will more than likely nullify all of the efforts placed into these other marketing categories. If you haven’t updated your website in while, we recommend you do so!

Google and other search engines change what they like to see on website pages. Also, people are searching for websites and other online platforms across many different devices. While your website may look polished on a desktop computer, it could look terrible and be impossible to navigate on a smart phone, iPad or tablet. This isn’t acceptable in today’s culture.

We offer WordPress Website Development solutions for an SEO-friendly, responsive to all devices, informative and navigational-friendly website.

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WordPress Website Development Process

  • Website design and integration with other marketing efforts.

  • Mobile-friendly responsive design so the user experience is excellent.

  • Website analytics to monitor traffic to your site.

  • Incorporate Google’s best practices on your WordPress website.

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