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Social Media Marketing – Get Connected

Social Media Marketing, wow is it really that difficult to utilize this platform for your business? Let’s face it, would you have found this page and be reading it if SMM was doing what you wanted for your business? For several years Social Media Marketing has been a growing force for finding new leads, making new sales, receiving reviews and interacting with your customers.

Unfortunately, while some businesses are doing great with their Social Media Marketing efforts, too many are not. Keeping up with Google’s standards to be social is an exhausting task. After all, you’re more interested in growing your business!

With this article we hope to shed some light on what can work for your business. We’ll provide some insight as to what is needed to grow your accounts, increase your follows, receive interaction and convert to fans and customers for your business. Let’s start where it needs to begin.

If you have been in business for any time at all, you more than likely have a business plan that directs your business. This same logic should hold true for your Social Media Marketing. You need a Social Plan or a Social Media Marketing Strategy. If you do not have this in place, no wonder you are here. If you do have this in place and you’re here, something must be wrong with your strategy!

Social Media Marketing – Strategy

There are several components for a successful Social Media Marketing Strategy. We won’t go into microscopic details for your Social Media Marketing Strategy as this is not intended to be a book. There are several that have been written, but we’ll discuss some very important steps you need to take.

First Step: You must identify your target market. If you’re a local service in Chicago, now way should you be targeting someone in Dallas. Obviously, you would if you’re a national firm. Are your posts and ads targeted correctly? Also, do you have the correct persona of the customer you’re trying to reach?

Here’s an example: You own an Italian restaurant in a Midwestern community that has a local college. You’ve been in business for 40 years and have a clientele that is declining. Should your persona stay the same for this aging current customer? Or should you determine to reach out to the college campus for business opportunity? What would be the persona for this big difference for a new customer?

This is where Social Media Marketing Strategy is key to developing your Social Media Marketing presence. You may have to do it with ads or contests to get the ball rolling. You have to identify who you want to be your customer. Are they young, old, male or female. What’s their employment level, are they a family person or single. What are their interests, are they a home owner or a renter, what type of car do they drive and so on. Nail it down to the very specific details of who they will be. Understand how much value rests in your target market that you have identified. This is the most important first step in determining how to invest in your social strategy.

Some other steps to consider for strategy would be knowing who’s competing for your business. Spy on them – understand what they’re doing. Are they successful doing it and can your business do it better? Remember, business is definitely a competition. Other businesses are trying to take market share and customers away from you. On Social Media you can determine what should be your next moves!

Social Media Marketing Voice

You need to develop the type of Social Media Marketing Voice you’ll use. You need to determine the following for your voice:

  • Your persona
  • The tone
  • The language
  • Very important – the purpose  

Your Social Media “Voice” will normally be determined by your market but it may not. It’s important to determine the characteristics you must nail down.

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In addition, for your Social Media Marketing Strategy, you need to consider how to handle your reviews and reputation management. You definitely will need to have your planning in order for these two items. Neglecting to do so will create havoc on a business organization.

Just imagine if someone creates a negative post that goes viral!


Social Media Marketing Platforms – Which Ones?

Now that we’ve briefly discussed your Social Strategy, we need to determine where we’ll put it into operation. What the hey you say, I want it on all the platforms. That is not a good idea. It’s best to start with three or four of the top 7 and concentrate on them, unless you have a large marketing department to deploy across this vast spectrum of social media platforms. We at SJWeaver Marketing Consulting consider the following the best to begin:

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If you’re on these Social Platforms and not doing as well as you like, you should enlist the aid of a professional to advise you on how to proceed. The landscape for all Social Media Marketing platforms is extremely dynamic and fluid. It’s difficult to stay on top. The top 7 are listed above and would be the best sites to begin or find success! We recommend concentrating on 3 or 4. To grow your influence be consistent with your posting. Make it a regular and steady habit to interact with all that comment and share your posts.

Social Media Marketing – Design

Now that you’ve determined your strategy and places to be on Social Media Marketing, you need to determinesocial media marketing your design for Social. How will your branding carry across all of these mediums? Your logo is important for others to recognize your brand as well as the colors and images of nature of the business you are in and represent. You want your followers and fans to see your place of business, what goes on with your operation and customers, the products and services you provide and the success you achieve. Let everyone know that you are the best at what you do! A graphic designer can be a great help to design the items needed to give a boost to your pages.

Social Media Marketing – Content

Ok your business has a Social Media Marketing strategy developed. You’ve chosen the platforms that you’ll post on. Your Social Media Marketing design for colors, logo, images and videos have been determined. Now you have to develop content that you’ll use to keep your fans engaged as well as bring new fans to your page. There are a few steps to consider for the content to provide on your pages.

A very important consideration for organization and planning for social media will be an editorial calendar for your posting. The calendar will prepare your business for important events in the future that pertain to your business and fans of your pages. social media marketingDo you have special events planned for your business? Are there certain holidays that will impact your sales for your business? Don’t wait till the last minute to promote sales or products to your fans! Do a slow drip of content leading up to the dates that are important for your business! An editorial calendar will be a great asset to moving your business towards bigger sales!

You’ll need to determine the best ways to develop content for your social platforms. If you’re a local business, awareness of news in the area that you can post content about is imperative. Holidays present many opportunities to post great ideas to your fans. Post educational content that would be found interesting by your fans. Always be thinking what would be interesting to fans of your pages!

Be aware of the keywords that bring traffic to your website & use them for your Social Media Marketing. Remember – keep the content fresh, engaging & valuable to those you want to attract. Keep active on your social platforms!

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Social Media Marketing – Management Tools

So you put together your strategy for Social Media Marketing.  You determined the specific platforms you’ll utilize. Your design elements are also in place. The content ideas and plans have been established for your Social Media Marketing. Now you need to determine the way to manage all of this information and create a solid presence on your social platforms.

Day-by-day you could individually post to the three, four or maybe more social pages you’ve established. But think how daunting this could be for a business owner or even a solid marketing team.

You’ll also want to have some measure of the analytics for your progress. Each one of the platforms can provide this to you, but would it be much more convenient to have the reports centralized into one? How do you do all of this? Well the best practices tell you to utilize a Social Media Management software tool to accomplish all of the above.

There are many of them available. Here are a few you should consider:

  • Sendible
  • Hootsuite
  • SocialPilot
  • Agorapulse
  • SocialSprout
  • Buffer

These tools can be a great aid in growing your presence on Social Media. Some will offer free use of their intro package. The price range varies greatly.

Advice on which tools to us is beyond the scope of this article but you can schedule an appointment with our team for help.

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We use the enterprise package for Sendible and can offer this to your business for a great price if you would want to implement this for your Social Media Marketing. We are certified as Sendible Specialists and can assist you in setting it up for your business.

Social Media Marketing – Evaluation/Measurement

We’ve presented you a lot of information on items that a business should be implementing for a successful social media marketing campaign. We’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss how a business must evaluate or measure their performance.

You need to consider the likes, shares, follows, connections, engagement and reach across the three or four pages you’re managing. Also to be considered is reputation management for the business. You need to be aware of all instances when your business is being reviewed or discussed on social media. This is a lot of data to analyze. There is some help from the social platforms that you can dig into.

Facebook provides insights analytics to assist the business for assessment of its page. Information on the business analytics can be found via Facebook Business Page Insights. You’ll be able to receive information concerning your likes, reach, page visits, posts and videos. When reviewed this information can guide a business to better strategy for page optimization. And don’t forget about marketing your business with Facebook advertising and measuring what’s happening with your ads.

LinkedIn provides analytics for your business page. A company page administrator will be able to review this page. To gain some understanding visit this page:  Viewing Company Page Analytics. Through this information you can analyze engagement, understand important metrics and analyze data concerning people visiting the page.

The following pages also provide analytics for your business pages as well:  Twitter  |  Pinterest  |  Instagram  |  YouTube

Ok we’ve thrown a lot of information at you for how to retrieve analytical data for the pages you want to manage. It can take several hours to pull all of this information together and review the data to determine your company’s performance and what others are saying about you. We’d like to provide a shameless plug here for SJWeaver Marketing Consulting. We can provide this information to you through the Sendible report that aggregates this info seamlessly in a matter of minutes. To find out how, schedule an appointment with us.

Social Media Marketing – Advertising

To put your business services and products in front of your pages’ fans as well as the target audience you want to reach, you need to place ads on the platforms. You must consider your audience, the platform and the message when placing your ads on Social Media. Don’t just blindly throw an ad together without consideration of each of the platforms and expect success. You’re just throwing your ad budget in the trash if you don’t plan your campaign properly.

Consider the ad script: keep it concise with a definitive call to action. What is the reason for the ad? Do you want to sell a product? Do you want to build your list? Are you offering a service? Have you developed a landing page for your sales copy? There are a lot of items to be considered in putting together an effective ad for Social Media. You need to carefully chose which Social Media channels you use to place your ads.


With this article, we’ve offered information that will point you in the right direction for your business’ social media marketing effort. Our Social Media Marketing Services at SJWeaver Marketing Consulting can lift your business above your competitors for social optimization. Why don’t you schedule with us here for a discovery call.

On this first call, we’ll get to know each other and discuss your business. After we’ve had a chance to research some of the items we discussed, a evaluation call will be scheduled to discuss our findings about your social media marketing.

After we’ve had these two calls, both of us will decide if we want to advance to the next phase of the process. That will be the planning call. With the planning call discussion we’ll discuss the methods that can improve your efforts on social media marketing. The objective will be to increase the bottom line for your business. After all, that is your objective for social media and your business.