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Search Engine Optimization

If you’re not using Search Engine Optimization to increase your company’s online visibility, people might as well be searching for that proverbial needle!

We take Search Engine Optimization seriously.

Has an SEO expert promised to increase your search engine rankings? Worse yet — did they promise you they’d have your webpages show up on the 1st page of the Search Engine Results Pages within a month?

We have one more important question. Did your Search Engine Optimization expert provide information to you to show movement of your rankings?

You need to know on a regular basis if the ranking of your webpages are increasing OR decreasing in the Search Engine Results Pages.

We’ll provide you with this important data! Our software will collect the data, analyze it and we’ll tweak it accordingly. Request an SEO Audit today to measure the health of your website.

Clarifications: 1) Bounce rate measures when a visitor lands on a page then leaves the website without visiting other pages. 2) Back linking is offsite SEO.

Search Engine Optimization – It’s a Long Term Strategy

Here’s the truth of the matter: current SEO techniques are a long term strategy that can take between six to twelve months to see the results. Are we the bearer of bad news? Not necessarily. If you want to speed things up, you can use Pay Per Click which is Google Adwords’ advertising platform. If your campaigns and keywords are managed properly, you’ll see results at a quicker pace. Just a suggestion you can check into.

The Search Engine Optimization long term strategy was made mandatory by Google’s Panda and Penguin search algorithms. Before that time unethical black hat SEO techniques were prominent and they affected the overall user experience.  search engine optimizationSome black hat techniques are Cloaking, Link Exchanges, Duplicate Content (copying content from another website) and Buying Links to name a few. So what’s the damage? A website will be penalized which will, in turn, damage their ranking or being banned from the Search Engine Results Pages all together!!

Over the years, there have been vast changes in the Search Engine Optimization service industry. Optimizing the pages on a website has evolved throughout time. What worked in 2011 might get your website banned in 2018, 2019, etc. Since Google is the king of the hill of search engines, they usually enact the updates. Your website’s presence may have been impacted by these SEO changes. The impact might be minor. If the impact was major, it could have changed your business’ online presence drastically in a negative manner.

All of these changes by Google, search engine optimizationand consequently the other search engine gurus, can be a daunting and time consuming task to stay on top of them. If you don’t adhere to most of the requirements that aid the ranking of your webpages, showing up on the 1st or 2nd page of the SERPs will be next to impossible. Most likely your competitors will leave you in the dust. Our priority is to keep abreast of the changes. We’ll incorporate them into your website pages so the search engines will find them.

Marketing is our business. We’ve chosen Search Engine Optimization as one of our marketing services. It’s part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). On the flip side of SEM is Pay Per Click. Both of these services involve your website and both of them need to be aligned with the structure of your website. Therefore, your website needs to be in order. When directing visitors to your site using SEO or PPC, they need to “land” on the appropriate page. Otherwise, most likely they won’t take the time to try and find the information they exptected to find on the landing page. This will affect the Bounce Rate, which is a negative metric!!

Instead of trying to figure this out on your own, we’ll lay the groundwork for your SEO. We know the guidelines and strategies to help your website stand out in the crowded internet world.

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Search Engine Optimization Process

  • A Discovery Call that will last 30-45 minutes. We’ll gain an overview about your business and why you’re seeking assistance with SEO. This call is free of charge.

  • We suggest completing an SEO audit of your website to detect problems. There will be a nominal fee instead of going into a full blown SEO package right away.

  • An Evaluation Call to discuss the findings of the SEO audit. The call will be 30-45 minutes.

  • If a client wants to move forward, we’ll prepare a paid marketing plan or proposal followed up with a Planning Call (up to 2 hours).

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