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The Four Step Marketing Plan for Ideal Campaigns

The Four Step Marketing Plan for most businesses is revolutionary. Is consists of Unique Selling Points, Platforms & Offers, Marketing Arsenal and Marketing Automation. In 2015 What’s the Story radio show interviewed our President, Scott Weaver, about these four steps. Is your marketing strategy a maze to you or are you one of the fortunate few? Do you realize the power of a straight line to success? Too many small business owners have no idea what their ROI is for each of their marketing strategies. Do you know which marketing campaigns are attracting and bringing in your customers? Keep reading to learn about these four methodical and effective steps.

Our consulting firm assists our clients with direct response marketing.  four step marketing planSmall businesses should not care about branding. They should care that their marketing is generating revenues and customers.  Business should care about action and results measured marketing.

With the many different channels to promote your products and services, it becomes very complex whether your marketing is really effective. Many businesses are unsure what truly works for them. Their solution is to cover many channels with more dollars and a shotgun approach. That way something will surely work!?!

As in any weight loss process, you must weigh yourself to see if you are moving toward success. Then hopefully last summer’s jeans will fit. Marketing employs the same strategy.

Learn and Implement the Four Step Marketing Plan

This can potentially increase your revenues from 60% to 200%.  With the Four Step Marketing Plan it isn’t important that people know your company brand. We only care if consumers spend money on your products and services.  That’s the measure of success.  The only important result – growing sales! As marketing planning consultants, we have only one measure for success.  That is advising our client sand then when they give us a high five.  Then we know their revenues are in areas they have never seen before.  This is a very simple measuring stick for any business owner. This is how to grade your consultant’s effectiveness – increased revenues!

We will always advocate – you must measure your marketing strategies to prove their effectiveness. As a  business owner  youmust make sure your marketing is accountable and measurable!  You must test your marketing, understand what’s working and what’s wasting your dollars and resources!

Four Step Marketing Plan Breakdown

Step 1: The Unique Selling Propositions/Points
What Makes Your Products and Services Special?

Step 2: The Platforms and Offers
Where do Prospects Find Your Products and Services?

Step 3: The Marketing Arsenal
What Marketing Services do You Use to Target Prospects?

Step 4: Marketing Automation
Do You or How do You Follow Up With Prospects?

four step marketing plan

The four respective videos for each step are below this section.

Step 1 of the Four Step Marketing Plan

When using the Four Step Marketing Plan you must complete the first step to begin the optimization for your business. That first step is identifying your unique selling propositions/points. What are your unique selling propositions? My definition of a unique selling proposition (USP) is that it is a characteristic that separates a business from its competition.  A good unique selling proposition is not centered around pricing but rather on value.  It is giving the customer what he or she wants to hear and greatly desires to satisfy their wants.

Whenever identifying a business USP, the owner must clearly research the competition.  The owner must know what the competition is saying and doing with their unique selling propositions.  The owner must then create unique selling propositions that are different and will be done with precision and quality.  You absolutely have to innovate to rise above your competitors. This first step for your marketing strategy is undoubtedly paramount in rising above this competition.

What do you offer prospective customers that your competitors are not?  What do you say that the customers want to hear?  Do you offer a 30 day, no-questions-asked return policy?  Do you offer free same day delivery?  Do you offer free product services for a year or better yet for two years? What are you doing with your Unique Selling Point that a competitor would not even dream of doing?  four step marketing planHow are you being an innovator?  Are you driving your conversion rates to greater heights? I’m sure you are now understanding how to begin your marketing strategy through the four step marketing plan.

Also consider this statement. People do not normally buy on price alone!  You read that correctly, people do not buy on price alone. They mainly buy on value. Do you offer the best value for your products and/or service?  Do you offer that 30 day return policy?  Do you guarantee your product or service, or your money back in addition to a 10 % penalty refund?  If you do not offer something that grabs your customer’s attention, you will lose ground!  Because, trust me, someone will come along and do this for them.  If you do not, the time will come when you must do this or lose business. Or worse yet go out of business!  You will have to then spend the time, energy and resources to try and re-gain the customers that were lost.  The competition offered this specific unique selling proposition and then much more! They have built this into their system through a very clear designed marketing strategy to win their client/customers over for their business!

A few years ago, I was shopping for a new car.  I went to several car dealer lots.  I test drove the cars and kicked the tires.  It came down to two dealers for the model of car that I was interested in buying.  The car dealer that I bought from was for the more expensive car.  Why you ask?  A service agreement was an added extra. The warranties were very similar.  The added luxuries were almost the same.  However, I perceived much more value in the more expensive car due to the service agreement.  I was allowed free service for three years for oil changes, tire service and alignment.  I bought on the value of the deal, not the price.   I paid more, yes I agree.  But I received much more value for my dollar for the car purchased. With this marketing strategy I also turned into a long term car buyer from this dealer and have purchased several cars from them since the initial purchase.

That simple example, of a great unique selling proposition, is what I hope you will take from the above situation.  That car dealer used an innovative unique selling point to sell the car to me.  It was new at the time but a lot of dealers offer this today.  Simply give more value and they will come.  You should offer an innovative Unique Selling Point.  The world will knock your door down to buy your products and services. That is the first important step of the four step marketing plan, but we are not done yet. We are just getting started. Let’s move on to platforms and offers. You are definitely going to understand how the four step marketing plan is the ideal marketing strategy to implement for your business or company.

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Step 2 of the Four Step Marketing Plan

The second step for the four step marketing plan is platforms and offers. To increase sales, platforms and offers must be utilized with your marketing strategy!  A platform is anywhere a potential customer comes into contact with your business.  An offer is something of value extended to your customers.  This will lead them to “raising their hand”.  Then they submits their contact information.  You have begun your dating relationship with this person.

The power of this offer is that it allows you a channel of communication.  It creates a potential customer!  You can do this through almost any platform.  Examples are as follows: website, phone, tradeshow, store, etc.

When you are at your platform and you extend this offer, people extend their hands to you.  This will only happen if what you offer intrigues them.  It must be perceived as something of value to them.  This will lead to more customers and will increase sales for you. marketing consulting companyYou now are seeing how this part of the four step marketing plan is powerful; you are gathering potential sales for your business or company. You should be hearing that great sound, cha-ching! Wow that sound is what a good marketing strategy is all about, you know what I mean?

However, when you offer something of value the potential customers may hesitate to accept the offer.  They are afraid they will be harassed constantly.  You must treat this new relationship as courting a new girlfriend/boyfriend.  You must show them value in what you offer.  You must be courteous in your communication and not overbearing with it.  If you do, you may just create the lasting relationship you desire.  This would be the long term customer.  You now have the opportunity to increase sales. You are at a special point in the four step marketing plan.

Think about some of the platforms and offers you experienced.  Have you ever had to leave your phone number, address and name at a free business seminar you may have attended?  Or maybe something to do with attending information meeting for a school?  I bet you have.  I know I have.  What happened after you left the meeting?  Did you get called and listen to a sales pitch?  Were you asked if you needed additional information or had more questions?  Financial Advisors, Accountants, and Educational Institutions have been doing this for quite some time.  With this practice via their platforms and offers, they began the process to increase sales.  They were creating a long term relationship which they planned on turning into a long term valuable customer!

You, most definitely, can do the same thing with your business.  You probably have in the past.  If you haven’t what are you waiting for?  Don’t you want to increase sales?  Webinars are an excellent way to accomplish this.  Through webinars you are able to educate your prospects as well as answer their questions concerning your products and services.  Also design and develop a one page website that will convince people to “opt-in”. This is known as a squeeze page. Your offer on this one page site must be very enticing to gain their contact information.  With your Squeeze Page, offer special information via a short e-book or a simple PDF.  You can also offer them significant coupon rates or discounts for the products or services. They will definitely want to provide you with their contact information if you do this the right way.

These are just a few platforms and offers you can do. So now you are 50% through the four step marketing plan. I would imagine you are starting to see where you can already begin getting your business into top notch ship shape order. But wait, we still have two more steps to complete for the four step marketing plan, so read on! You are only beginning to understand the best marketing strategy you can possibly implement for your company.

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Step 3 of the Four Step Marketing Plan

The third step for the four step marketing plan is the marketing arsenal. The marketing arsenal is all the ways that a business owner can drive eyes and ears to the free offers and platforms. This was discussed briefly during the section of platforms and offers, now more on the meat of this matter. The marketing arsenal is crucial to the four step marketing plan. If this is not done correctly the four step marketing plan will not run as it should.  When this step is carried out in the right manner, you’ll be driving ears and eyeballs to your Platforms and Offers. You’ll build a huge pipeline of customers!  To increase its effectiveness, the marketing arsenal must always be measured to so that you can constantly improve this step of the four step marketing plan.

What are the different pieces of marketing arsenal?  The old school of thought for a marketing arsenal would be radio advertising, television commercials, newspapers advertisements, direct mail and billboard advertising.  It is still used by many business owners today.  The new school of thought uses social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, video marketing, PPC marketing, SMS text marketing, and podcast marketing. There are a myriad of methods to drive ears and eyes to your store.  As you can see, the marketing arsenal has become very complex!

The question that a business owner needs to ask himself or herself is the following:  Am I being effective with my marketing arsenal? four step marketing plan If you have a website in your marketing arsenal, how do people opt-in to your offer?  Are they even visiting your website? Are you driving traffic to the site? If you are, will you be able to get the traffic of prospects converted to a customer or client?

For example, with the old school newspaper ad, do you use a coupon code for people to bring to the store for 5% off of their purchase price?  On that old school billboard, do you use a text code to be called in to receive a 5% discount on the product or service you offer?  Or you can use call tracking to measure who calls in do to reading the ad or seeing the billboard and using the phone number associated with these promotions! If you’re not doing these things as mentioned, how can you know if your billboard or newspaper ad captured the sale?

You must determine with a systemized method what part of your marketing arsenal is effective and what is not. If you don’t do this you’ll be finding that your marketing arsenal expenses will become just too expensive. This step of the four step marketing plan is detailed and cannot be taken lightly or the whole system of the four step marketing plan will become inefficient.

This is one of the first questions asked during my consultation with potential clients. How do you fill your business’ sales funnel or pipeline?  I often will need a few hours or even a few days at their business to understand how a marketing strategy such as four steps can be implemented. Business owners are often at a loss on marketing strategy but truly get the four steps.  However, they are so tied up in running the day-to-day operation, they have no real clue where or when to begin.

This is an example of a recent discussion I had with a prospect. Let’s call him Joe Restaurant Owner.  Mr. Restaurant Owner did not know the following.  Was it his newspaper ad that brought him customers?  Was it his radio ad?  Was it his billboard ad down the road?  He could not tell me. He had no clue! Owners normally have nothing in place to identify their marketing arsenals potency!  They’re not sure why all the customers have been coming.  More important, they don’t know why they don’t have the number of customers they need. They also are spending way too much for their advertising expense. That is a crucial step in our process of marketing strategy, measure what you do so you’ll know what not to do and what to continue doing!

One word of advice from SJWeaver Marketing Consulting, measure every bit of your business.  Especially measure your marketing arsenal. Once you start doing this you’re going to have a great four step marketing plan in place! Then you’ll start getting that warm fuzzy feeling that only a potent marketing strategy can bring, sorta like a feel good drug from your doctor, the pain starts to go away!

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Step 4 of the Four Step Marketing Plan

The last step of the four step marketing plan is your marketing automation. Too many business owners and companies neglect this step of the four step marketing plan. They may do it but only haphazardly. This absolutely will kill any opportunity for your marketing strategy to operate like a well-oiled machine. Let’s review the following situation to show you what is very probable to happen:

You have absolutely completed more for your business than the typical business proprietor. You have secured the means to build a relationship with your prospects who are interested in products and services your business offers. With this information you now will truly go to work in marketing your business to them.

You have the interested prospect’s email, phone number, and address, but what will you do with this special contact information? Have you been sending these people direct mail, newsletter, emails, your business’ catalogues and all other valuable details concerning your business’ USPs? four step marketing planMore than likely if you are like other business owners, you have neglected the opportunity to capitalize on this information to increase your sales. Don’t let a prospect fall through a crack.

When you are providing your business information and all of its wonderful USPs are you doing it manually? Wasn’t this a very tedious process when you addressed all of the postcards before going to the post office, which took time as well!

Did you place phone calls to the special clients in your pipeline just to tell them hello, happy birthday or that you’re offering a special promotion at your business that may be of interest to them?

You must have your marketing automation system in place once you receive a prospect’s name, mailing address, phone # and email address!  From the time the prospect walks into business, everything will follow. This is whether it be brick and mortar or cyber space. This is an essential piece of any well thought out marketing strategy!

Let’s say you have a marketing automation system. Since you do, you won’t fret about losing the sale should they leave without buying. How is that you say? As a business owner, you now have a way to get in touch with them. Isn’t it wonderful? You’ll get a sale, another one and then another one. The four step marketing plan is now ready to launch your business into the stratosphere. You get the idea. Now just pay attention and follow the scenario below.

Marketing Automation System Situation

  • A potential customer enters your business. They’re thinking about purchasing that expensive and luxurious product or service you offer.
  • Your company representative requests the potential customer’s name, mailing address, phone number and email address.
  • The rep does this so they can mail & email the product information guide to the prospective customer. This will provide the benefits and value of receiving this wonderful and luxurious product or service.
  • Always train your representatives to engage your potential clients or customers. This must be in a friendly but non-intrusive manner. These business representatives must understand the critical nature of this piece of your marketing strategy.
  • They should always gently explain, over objections, the value and worth of providing the way for the business to connect with the potential purchaser. This begins to establish trust between your business and the potential candidate for purchase.
  • Once your rep inputs the prospective client’s contact details into your marketing database, you can now turn on the system to begin marketing to them! Check out the follow up below.

Marketing Automation System Relationship Building Begins

  • Step 1:  On the first day your marketing automation system goes to work right away by emailing a message to the A – Z potential client. It states how happy you were for them visiting your place of business.
  • Step 2:  On day three a post card is sent to your potential client. It is automatically printed and labeled by your marketing automation system. This is for the daily mail. It directs your potential client to call if they have any questions that need answered.
  • Step 3:  By the end of the first week since contact was initiated your business representative that greeted this potential client receives a pop up reminder in his/her calendar. It states that it has been 7 days since the prospect visited your business. Your representative calls and asks is there anything that can be done to help them with their decision for the product.
  • Step 4:  It is now the ninth day since initial contact was made with the prospect. The marketing automation system emails the prospective client a discounted offer they won’t want to refuse!
  • Step 5:  It has been ten days since the prospect first entered your store. Your new lead will now return to your business. They have the offer from the email they received. They buy this expensive luxurious product. Cha Ching!!
  • Future:  You begin the next campaign with this client. You are providing value with tips and advice for service. They become a raving fan! You have now completely implemented the four step marketing plan!

This Automated Marketing machine is systemized how you stay in contact with your propespect.

It Practically Runs on Autopilot

  • You gathered valuable information. They provided you the method to communicate with them. You now have the perfect storm. You can begin a long term relationship with your current client. You do this through marketing automation systems.
  • It is up to you to provide quality service to create that raving fan. I am sure you can do this. After all you were sharp enough to begin the marketing automation systems! You are one smart cookie!
  • Without these marketing automation systems in place, this prospective client may have decided not to receive this wonderful service or product from you. They would have gone to your competitors next door or down the street. You know how competitive your business is with others!
  • Your marketing automation system kept you in contact with the prospect. This maintained your business at the forefront of this person’s mind. This is what garnered this sales revenue for you. You can be sure it will lead to many others from this person.
 If you’re on a desktop, scroll up to click on tabs for Steps 1 – 3.

Video: Unique Selling Points

Video: Platforms and Offers

Video: Marketing Arsenal

Video: Marketing Automation

We’re pleased you read through this very important article for the four step marketing process. You should be happy to know you are one of the very few business owners that know what it truly is. I’m sure you can understand how the four step marketing process, when set up properly for your business, will increase your sales revenues like they have never been increased in the past. This marketing strategy will absolutely change your business!

We at SJWeaver Marketing Consulting invite you to bookmark this page. Come back and read our articles as we post them for you to study. If you would like to speak to one of our representatives, call our office at 855-485-4738. If you are interested in optimizing your marketing strategy via the four step marketing plan for your business, schedule a call with our CEO, Scott J. Weaver, Sr.  You can connect and schedule on his calendar via the following link:  Scott will be delighted to discuss your business and what you can do to increase your sales via the four step marketing plan!