Improving Business Now

Improving business is something everyone starts to think about this time of year. They are contemplating how the past season has gone. They are hoping that the Christmas holiday season is going to put them in the black. They probably already have a good clue by now if it is going to happen.

So that’s the reason for the title to this post, Improving Business. What are you starting to understand about this past year? Are you beginning to get ideas on how you are going to start improving business? Now is the time to prepare for 2016. Improving BusinessNow is the time to innovate with new ideas and to grow your business!

I would suggest that they think about their fans. They probably are doing fantastic as an organization – money is rolling in. But that is a bit shortsighted. You must be thinking all the time about improving your business. If you don’t then you are going to lose business. I predict my Bears will start to lose their raving fans if they do not start winning more games!

Let me introduce something that troubles me greatly. That would be my Chicago Bears! Does any true Bear fan believe that this organization is going to be improving their business? They definitely need to think about improving business. I am a long suffering fan, but that seems to matter little to the organization that their fans are suffering through another dismal season.

Why Would Anybody do Business with You?

What I would suggest to any organization that wants to improve their business is to concentrate on your unique selling points. What are your unique selling points? Do you need to improve them? Do you need to change them? Do they need to introduce new unique selling points? If you are thinking about improving your business, these are questions that should always be on your mind, not just at the end of a calendar or fiscal year.

Ok you ask, what should I do to think about this title of improving your business? Well I am glad you asked. I have several tasks for you to begin. They are as follows:

  • Clearly identify your ideal client/customer.

  • Survey prospects/leads as to what they need and want.

  • Survey your current and past customers either through email or direct mail for the same things as the prospects, but also why they are your customer, what they don’t like about your business or why they are no longer your customer or client.

  • Research competitors for their outstanding business ideas, products and services.

  • Benchmark your industry for what is considered top of the line and then reach high to achieve this for your business.

Start the Process of Improving Business

Now I hope you are noting the above bullet points. Put some time and effort in starting this process. You notice I say it is a process. Keep doing it, not just occasionally but throughout the year. If you do you will be rewarded for your effort. You will find out why you have lost business. Why you have current business. What you need to do to improve! What you need to do to find new business!

So let me ask you, how is your business? Are you content to be like my Chicago Bears and to have one losing season after another? Or are you improving your business? I guarantee if you are having losing seasons, you are miserable and just a few seasons away from closing your doors!

Contact Us for Improving Your Business

If you would like help to begin this process, schedule a free 30 minute consultation with our CEO Scott Weaver. We hope to have you reach out to us, but if you don’t, please work to be improving your business always!