FSM Radio Interview with our President & CEO

In December 2015, What’s the Story conducted a FSM Radio Interview with our President and CEO, Scott Weaver. The station is located in Reno, Nevada which is a ways from our office in Indiana. Scott was asked to discuss the Four Step Marketing method we use to help small businesses generate leads that will, in turn, boost revenues. Find our more about our Four Step Market Planning.

The interview was conducted by Janice Hermsen and she found Scott’s profile on LinkedIn. She had read a post written by Scott on the LinkedIn Pulse. She liked what she read and then she performed a search. If in doubt, Social Media Marketing does work if done correctly!! We have gained multiple clients by using social media marketing. For our business operations, we concentrate on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. Facebook is difficult for Business-to-Business but it all depends on what you have to offer. Business-to-Consumer seems to be more suitable for Facebook. FB is becoming more and more “unfriendly” and to reach a targeted audience you need to place ads!! This is their way of making gads of money!!

View the post Janice published on LinkedIn and listen to the recorded interview below. The interview starts at minute 2:30 if you want to skip their program’s intro.