Four Step Marketing Book

The Four Step Marketing Book Covers the Following:

Your Unique Selling Points: What a makes your products and services special? Why would someone want to buy your products and services?

The Platforms & Offers: Platforms are where your potential prospects and current customers & clients come into contact with you. Such as your storefront, a tradeshow, your website, your booth at a fair or any other event that draws crowds. The offers should be enticing and valuable enough in order for a prospect to exchange his or her contact information. They can be free or offered at a minimal cost.

The Marketing Arsenal: These are the marketing strategies and campaigns you use to drive people to your website or storefront. Some of them are Pay Per Click and Social Media Marketing.

Marketing Automation: Follow up with your prospects or customers using automation. This can be text marketing or email marketing.

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What You’ll Learn in the Four Step Marketing Book

  • How to build a marketing message that gets noticed via your platforms and arsenal.

  • How to build a database of prospects and customers with your offers.

  • How to decrease your marketing budget without losing sales. Measurable analytics will determine what works. Remove or adjust the marketing campaigns that aren’t working.

  • How to communicate and followup with prospects and customers using automation. This can be via email or text.

  • Why free or discounted offers are the best way to attract prospects and customers.

  • Why most businesses continually overspend with online marketing.

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