Facebook Business Page Tips

Business owners need to pay particular attention to these Facebook Business Page Tips. It’s amazing how owners ignore their social media business pages in order to establish a prominent and essential digital footprint. If done properly, social media business page marketing can greatly enhance a business’ marketing and sales efforts.  

If you’re effective in establishing your online presence and engagement with prospects, they’ll become brand representatives for your business! Read through this article to find a few simple but awesome pieces of advice on how to establish your Facebook page marketing platform.

Breakdown of Facebook Business Page Tips

  • Facebook Business Page Research

    When you’re in the process of designing your Facebook business page you should look at your competitors’ pages for what not to do and what to do. Also check out pages that are spoken about on Google as being the best Facebook business pages. Here’s an article you may want to start with in your research: Top Facebook Pages. Through this research you should be able to get a good sense of what facebook business page tipsworks and what doesn’t. Additionally, you should check several items when looking at a page.

    First check their cover photo. Does it present a good representation of what they’re about? For example, a golf course business page should post a picture of their signature golf hole along with the name of the course and other pertinent information. This cover photo may need to be updated occasionally so it doesn’t become tired and boring.

    The profile photo is a great place to place your company logo. That is unless you, the owner, use your name as the company name. If that’s the case, then the profile picture should be a professional photo of yourself! Always make sure that this part of your page stands out among your competition.

    If you incorporate these factors into the business page, a visitor to the page will recognize immediately what your business is about.

  • Research Methods

    When researching your competition and similar pages on Facebook, always notice the methods other pages use to engage their fans. It may be with quotes from famous and popular people within the industry you operate within. It may be quotes that inspire people or create a happy feeling. Images and videos showing the day-to-day operations of your business that your fans may find interesting should be posted on a regular basis. When posting such content, ask questions to stir the content pot!

    I would heavily advise you to not use this Facebook opportunity to jam advertisements down the throats of your fans! Keep the page humming with off the wall posts. Encourage fans to constantly return for great reasons such as offering a limited time coupon code to entice them to visit your business. However, never offer the coupon code on your page.

  • Build Your List or You May be Sorry

    Direct them to your website. Obtain their contact information – especially their email and phone number. Let them know that once these are received they’ll always be the first to receive “special coupons” for being on your list. Remember you don’t own your Facebook page – Mr. Zuckerberg owns it. He’s the majority stockholder of Facebook and can change the rules of Facebook in a New York minute. Ultimately, you have very little control of your fans and where they may go into cyberspace.

    Now, let me give you one word of caution. Patience! It takes time to build your Facebook page’s presence. It doesn’t happen in 2 weeks, 2 months or even sometimes in 2 years. It takes work and research as well as experimentation to find your sweet spot. However, using the right tools such as Post Planner and constant tweaking can pay off with huge dividends for your business down the road.

Wrapping Up Facebook Business Page Tips

These are just a few Facebook business page tips that can help you along your way to building out a tremendous social media presence. Don’t forget or neglect other social media business page platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

If you want to discuss some additional ideas for your business, schedule an appointment with our CEO on Scott’s calendar. You can also contact our office at 855-485-4738.  I wish you much success with these Facebook business page tips and your future marketing efforts. Contact us if need some assistance.