An Awesome LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is not just another social media platform; it was specifically designed as a place where working people can make connections with businesses and with one another. The creators of LinkedIn envisioned an online forum where professionals could go to network. Their efforts were ultimately successful – LinkedIn is now the largest networking site in the world!

But LinkedIn has become more than just a place to connect with former co-workers; it has now developed into a highly-effective promotional tool. Whether you’re a dentist, doctor, lawyer, counselor, or consultant, having a stellar LinkedIn profile can help bring in more clients.

Here’s how it works: When someone’s looking for professional help, they often go to a search engine to find what they need. These days, social media profiles often rank near the top of search engine results making them just as important as having a website.

With a simple click, potential clients can visit your LinkedIn profile to view your qualifications, education, experience, and references, which reassures them that you’re the best person for the job.

Tips for Creating an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

Now that we’ve established the importance of using LinkedIn, let’s take a look at how you can maximize your exposure by creating an awesome LinkedIn profile.

  • Use a Professional-Looking Photo

You’re a professional, so make sure you look like one on LinkedIn. Far too many people use poor-quality selfies, old vacation photos, or pixelated business logos as their profile picture. Or even worse, they never upload a photo and just leave the placeholder image as a stand-in.

This is your online resume. And while it may be unconventional to attach photos to a traditional resume, it’s a necessity when you’re marketing your services online.Awesome LinkedIn Profile Your profile photo is your first impression, so make sure that you use a high-resolution picture where you’re well-dressed and well-lit in uncluttered surroundings.

  • Fill Out Your Profile Completely

An awesome LinkedIn profile is one that is complete. It may seem like LinkedIn is asking for a lot of information from you, but it all serves a purpose. The more that potential clients learn about you, the more comfortable they are seeking your services, which means they’re more likely to hire you.

Filling out your profile completely also helps people find you better. If someone’s looking for a lawyer with experience in copyright law, that’s exactly what they’ll put into the search bar. If you failed to list your prior work in copyright law on your LinkedIn profile, then you won’t show up in search results. So don’t skip any sections – fill each one out thoroughly.  

  • Make Connections

Completing your profile also entails connecting with former and current clients, co-workers, and others that you’ve done business with. Making connections is absolutely vital for an awesome LinkedIn profile because your network is able to vouch for you – they can endorse your skills and give recommendations which will improve your value in the eyes of potential clients. You should also join any LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your profession.

  • Use Keywords in You Profile

Any awesome LinkedIn profile will include the use of an appropriate keyword. Keywords are the phrases that people are most likely to use to locate your services online. Let’s say you’re a licensed mental health counselor. What terms would potential clients most likely use to find you? Probably something like “professional counselor,” “mental health counselor,” “therapist,” and so on.

Whatever those phrases are, try to place them throughout your profile. Not at random, though – they need to fit in naturally. If you’re not sure which keyword phrases are appropriate for your field, you might consider hiring someone to do keyword research for you.

LinkedIn: A Vital Platform for Professionals

If you’re looking to stay competitive and attract more clients, it really is necessary to establish yourself on LinkedIn. And not just any profile will do – the way you present yourself online is a reflection of your business. Make sure that you invest just a bit of time to create an awesome LinkedIn profile that will make a lasting impression.  

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