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Choosing the right marketing company to serve your needs can be a tough choice. With so many options and ideas out there, it’s a difficult  and daunting task to find the right solution.

Our goal? Listen to YOU to better understand YOUR business and marketing needs. We do this by offering a free, no obligation marketing consultation.

During this short phone call or face-to-face meeting, we’ll ask you several questions to ascertain your needs. You won’t be pressured to buy anything. Instead you’ll receive a clearly defined explanation of several strategies to help grow your business. Schedule your appointment to get started.

SJWeaver Marketing Consulting

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The Four Step Marketing Plan E-Book

Are you curious about a process that can grow revenues as much as 50% in less than a year? The Four Step Marketing Plan for small business owners can do just that. Learn about our marketing method and see how your business could benefit.

Our complimentary e-book walks you through the Four Step Marketing process and can be downloaded to the email of your choice!

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SJWeaver Marketing Consulting

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